SecutiryThe advent of the Internet meant the beginning a new era in information technology (IT) security. Now more than ever, organizations need to protect their operations from risks of intrusion, the leaking of critical information, transmission of viruses, breakdowns and power overloads likely to result in lost data or damaged facilities.

Although IT security includes a quite vast field of applications, we provide every client with the opportunity to find a solution tailored to their needs, through the solutions, training programs and professional consulting services that we offer.

To deal with threats of any kind, Xelys uses the best computer security tools, performs scheduled and spot checks on your facilities and makes sure that your team members are informed adequately about potential threats likely to affect the security of your installations.

Computer security now translates into a multi-level approach. A simple Internet and virus protection is no longer sufficient. Heartbleed and Cryptolocker are only some examples of recent occurrences of ingenious new attacks. Single solutions are now obsolete, because threats multiply and become more complex daily. To counter these new threats, an effective multi-level strategy addressing the following areas is required:

  • Restriction of user access
  • Secure publication of requisite information
  • Implementation of several surveillance levels
  • More intensive securement of critical organization data
  • Multiplication of protection solutions
  • Implementation of a capacity to recover data quickly
  • Development of a contingency plan
  • Better staff training on potential risks
  • Development of a technology asset management policy
  • Ongoing review of existing solutions to adjust to new threats

Xelys can audit the security of your computing infrastructure and submit a report complete with recommendations.