XELYS, your dedicated technology department: In practical terms, what does it mean to you?

slide1_bgAt XELYS, we strive to become an extension of your company and serve as your very own technology department in support of your growth and projects. Xelys is a professional team of qualified experts ready to identify, concurrently with you, the best solutions and business practices available on the market to keep your business productivity and profitability goals on track. Xelys: a corporate-class technology department with a human value.

If your organization already has a technology department, our team of experts can also support your human resources where needed.

Interactions with your departments: We are the connecting thread

slide_2The key to an optimal business process is to let human beings do what they are skilled to do and use technology to optimize the overall process.

At XELYS, we know that each of your departments has specific needs that come together to complete the unique process chain identifying your business.

Our role is to help you determine the distinct needs of your departments, clearly identify the elements to improve using the technological tools available and enhance the efficiency of your operations.

We provide support in creating “added values” within your company.

Network computing: An integral part of business telephone services! Why?

slide_3Imagine a task being carried out by two hands, but each operated by a separate individual. At best, this task risks being carried out in unacceptable periods of time, undoubtedly with poor results or, at worst, risks failing miserably.

At XELYS, we believe that using several suppliers to design, manage and maintain your IT infrastructure is almost unfeasible. Within the current technological context, XELYS is the single ICT firm to offer business computer networking and telephony services under the same roof. This translates as a real added value for your business.

The ICT infrastructure of a company must be well orchestrated to ensure seamless communications among all organizational components. As a result of the growing complexity of current technologies, Xelys has established a comprehensive, overall approach to manage our clients’ infrastructure. With a single connecting thread throughout your entire technology equipment, ensure the reliability and performance of your infrastructure while optimizing your budgets.