Virtual Automatic Response (VAR) Service

Service de réponses automatisée virtuel (RAV)

This automatic call distribution service is mainly intended for self-employed workers and small businesses conducting most of their communications with cellular telephones. The shift to VoIP is done seamlessly and you DO NOT HAVE to purchase any new telephone systems or devices. We can supply your business with a professional call response system using your current telephone number or a new one. The system can adjust automatically to the current date or your business opening hours.

How does it work?

When clients call your company, they are automatically transferred to your virtual automatic response service. A greeting message introducing your business is heard (ex.: “Welcome to Company XYZ”). Clients are then invited to make a selection among several available options (ex.: “To reach X— or the Y Department—, please dial 1”). The different selections available can transfer clients to an external telephone number (cellular, home, etc.), a virtual voice mailbox (which, in turn, can redirect voice mail messages to an email address) or simply to a message of general information. This automatic response system can be entirely customized to suit your requirements.