Structured Cabling

Câblage structuréA telephone cable and computer network adequately structured within your company is as vital as the spinal cord in a human body.

The type of cable used, suitable installation methods, performance tests and efficient identification are all vital elements to ensure an optimal infrastructure. A faulty or under-sized installation will adversely impact the efficiency of your management and productivity tools and, as a result, your overall organization.

Xelys’ team of specialists is on hand to meet all your needs in cable, telephone, computer network structure planning and installation in compliance with the highest industry standards. We manage all the work, from the entry point in your building to users’ work stations.

Building on our outstanding expertise and experience, we offer on-site evaluation services and planning support. We have access to a wide range of products to configure your computer room adequately, from the simplest rack to the best-equipped cabinet.

Types of Cable

  • Copper
  • Optical fibre
  • Video
  • Soundproofing