Network maintenance management

Gestion en entretien de réseauTo remain competitive, businesses must constantly maintain high levels of performance and efficiency in their business processes. By meeting these conditions on a daily basis, Xelys has become a partner of choice in the deployment, management and maintenance of corporate technology solutions. We strive to optimize your business processes through our work processes and interventions, particularly by helping you maintain operating costs at their lowest.

Here are some strategies that we deploy to achieve this purpose:

  • Automation of certain facilities, maintenance processes and trouble-shooting procedures
  • Standardization of facilities, solutions and procedures
  • Proactive deployment of critical system monitoring tools
  • Restriction of system access to limit breakdowns due to human error
  • Monthly preventive visits (EDS) to inspect every critical system, perform updates, and document, resolve and report problems raised
  • With client, annual review of problems raised and review of future projects to define and control budgets
  • Development of a technology obsolescence plan to prevent unforeseen expenditures
  • Documentation of corporate technological infrastructure to enhance the efficiency of interventions

Remarkable expertise and know-how has secured the company’s strong reputation in the field of computer network management. Here are some characteristics of our customer service that ensure an unparalleled experience to our clients:

  • Deployment of management tools and follow-up on incidents and interventions
  • Assignment of two technicians and one operations assistant on each project to develop and maintain knowledge of the client’s organizational environment
  • The permanent presence of specialized resources (on-duty technicians) at our offices to provide fast, adequate 24/7 emergency support services
  • Remote or on-site support services tailored to the client’s needs
  • Issuance of a purchase order and detailed intervention documents to ensure the flawless traceability of services rendered

Xelys also offers a wide range of computer network and equipment management and maintenance services, including:

  • NetworkManagement, administration, installation, configuration, maintenance and trouble-shooting of servers, work stations, printers and other peripheral computer equipment
  • Management of access and authorizations
  • Management and maintenance of security solutions (breakdown, virus, Internet and spam protection)
  • Management and maintenance of messaging and on-line collaboration solutions (sharing of emails, calendars, contacts and files, including mobile telephony)
  • Management and maintenance of automatic backup solutions for overall data and critical infrastructure
  • Management and maintenance of multi-site connection solutions
  • Management and maintenance of teleworking access solutions
  • Simple trouble-shooting and regular, preventive follow-ups
  • Third-party communication management
  • Management and development of documents, infrastructure plans and stocktaking procedures
  • Computer equipment obsolescence management and replacement
  • Project management and coordination
  • Budget planning

No matter if several hundred or only a few work stations and servers make up your technological infrastructure, you can trust the experience and professionalism of Xelys to ensure efficient management and maintenance.

User support

Xelys technicians are specifically trained to assist your users in most of their technological activities and answer their questions adequately.

If you need assistance to install or configure software programs, trouble-shoot failing functionalities or transfer knowledge about how to use a particular technology, we are always available to help. We have the remote control tools to support your users in very short turnarounds. In addition, some of our support teams are always on the road if they have to resolve problems on your premises, even the hardest ones.


If the cost of your computer equipment is soaring, the time has come to consider this solution.

Virtualization is a proven software technology. It allows businesses to organize their computing infrastructure adequately and ensures more efficient, cost-effective operations by lowering material costs. You can optimize the use of your computer equipment by operating several “virtual” machines on each physical server (and allotting your storage resources based on the same principle).

But why is virtualization so important? Generally speaking, applications and operating systems now use only a small proportion of resources available on a physical computer device. If you are using dedicated servers, a significant part of their invaluable computing power is left unused. Virtualization solutions use computer resources more efficiently, thus simplifying IT infrastructure and reducing operating costs.

Why should your business consider virtualization?

The virtualization of your technological infrastructure will allow you to reduce computing costs considerably while increasing the efficiency, optimal use, flexibility and protection of your existing assets.

Here are the main functions and advantages of virtualization:

  • Server Consolidation – Refers to the capacity of launching simultaneously several virtual server instances on a single physical server to considerably reduce investments needed for the physical aspect of technological infrastructure.
  • Redundancy and Contingency – Xelys can protect all your virtual servers with virtualization. We can go back in time prior to a breakdown by ensuring the regular, automated storage of data to recover, for instance, all your data that would otherwise be lost. In the event of a physical server breakdown, we can also easily transfer the virtual server(s) to another physical server.

We are familiar with the critical nature of our clients’ technological infrastructure. That is why we recommend this level of additional protection to quickly address problems using these enhanced tools in the event of a crisis.

Licence Management

Are you having trouble managing multiple software licences? We understand the challenges you have to face; we can provide you with simple solutions to address licence management issues.

Organizations now have to purchase an ever-increasing number of software programs to meet rising needs in their different daily operations and the management of access rights and number of licence authorized users has become quite a challenge. Moreover, this ongoing issue can mean a real headache for your organization: you might receive significant fines if audited by a supplier or major inconveniences if you have to interrupt operations because a licence expired.

Resources to Manage Your Licences

Even if your licence management employees do their best, they will spend a large amount of time on this task. In addition, licence information is not the easiest to understand, because not all software programs have the same type of licence.

That is why we offer simple tools and solutions to manage this complex task in a much more automated manner. With efficient solutions, you will be informed, relieved and protected and the value of your software investment will be optimized. You will obtain recommendations from our experts to prevent and make the most of your software inventory.

Ask one of our experts for a presentation of our licence management solutions.

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