Business Phone Services

Téléphonie d'affairesXelys offers advanced communication solutions to improve the quality of your customer response and, by the same token, the impact of your corporate image.

The introduction of IP technologies in the field of communications brought about the emergence of powerful functionalities and applications that transformed the way organizations communicate with stakeholders.

Xelys offers a wide range of communication services, including:

Service de réponses automatisée virtuel (RAV)

This automatic call distribution service is mainly intended for self-employed workers and small businesses conducting most of their communications with cellular telephones. The shift to VoIP is done seamlessly and you DO NOT HAVE to purchase any new telephone systems or devices. We can supply your business with a professional call response system using your current telephone number or a new one. The system can adjust automatically to the current date or your business opening hours.

How does it work?

When clients call your company, they are automatically transferred to your virtual automatic response service. A greeting message introducing your business is heard (ex.: “Welcome to Company XYZ”). Clients are then invited to make a selection among several available options (ex.: “To reach X— or the Y Department—, please dial 1”). The different selections available can transfer clients to an external telephone number (cellular, home, etc.), a virtual voice mailbox (which, in turn, can redirect voice mail messages to an email address) or simply to a message of general information. This automatic response system can be entirely customized to suit your requirements.

Hosted Telephone Service

With this type of service, there is no need for infrastructure hosting; the only thing that you will need are conventional telephones. Your telephone, voice mailbox and automatic call response systems are hosted on our servers, offering you a stable and safe setting. We ensure the maintenance and updates of these systems without any interruption of service and any additional charge to you.

In other words, you benefit from the same advantages as a telephone system on your premises, but without additional charges for the purchase, maintenance, update and replacement of equipment in case of damage.

This flexible solution is perfectly suited to businesses wishing to access specific advanced functionalities, while keeping monthly telephone service charges at minimum.

Système téléphonique hybride (IP)

MobileFor businesses looking to make the most of the potential that powerful, new-generation platforms have to offer, a hybrid telephone system is now a must. With regard to conventional telephone services or VoIP, our IP Office solution offers greater system management flexibility, owing to advanced voice messaging, direct access to management and maintenance tools and a user-based mode of communication (mobile, teleworking, office, etc.)

With this state-of-the-art solution, information can be shared at any time, from anywhere and on any peripheral computer device. You can benefit from an extremely efficient, completely integrated communications system connecting all your contacts, contributors, clients and partners. Both unbelievably sophisticated and exceptionally simple to use, this system is truly revolutionary. In addition, IP Office can support up to 1000 users on one or more sites. Flexible and evolutionary, this platform brings the concept of collaborative work to a higher level. Whether you are managing a stand-alone business, a head office with many branches, mobile work or home-based work, IP Office is the platform for you!


  • Improved management of your telephony costs
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Improved client response processing
  • Simplified system management and maintenance
  • Lower maintenance charges (remote access)

SIP Service

Avaya IP Office

This IP line service is exclusively offered to our clients owning or purchasing an Avaya IP Office telephone system. Supported through our own infrastructure, it ensures enhanced flexibility and significant savings. Regardless of your organization’s main telephone number or the number of telephone lines you want, this service provides many advantages, including:

  • Simplified invoicing
  • *Can-US long-distance charges included
  • 24/7 technical support provided by Xelys
  • Addition of lines and/or new numbers within 24 hours
  • Redundancy plan available (optional)
  • No portability and activation charges (36-month contract)
  • Efficient alternative to conventional suppliers (Bell, etc.)


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