Technology Emergency Plan (Contingency)

Technology Emergency Plan (Contingency) A computer emergency plan is no luxury nowadays. Computer systems are increasingly complex and more external resources are involved in the maintenance of computer systems. Therefore, it is important to bring together all the resources to provide management with a clear picture of potential risks of breakdown, anticipated duration of interruptions, … Continue Reading »

Power Protection

Power Protection The proper power protection of your installations is essential. Major power fluctuations might disturb or damage your computer installations. We offer centralized solutions that protect your installations from power fluctuations and record all power and temperature fluctuations to document your situation and allow you to respond to incidents with full background knowledge.


Backups Now that your technology facilities are becoming increasingly essential to your operations, it is vital to ensure the ongoing safeguard of both your computer data and overall infrastructure. Xelys relies on the expertise you need to ensure the safe backup of data and computer installations. In addition, we can respond quickly in the event … Continue Reading »

Control of Access Rights

Control of Access Rights As the labour force is more rapidly transferred within organizations, data protection through computer access control has become a major security issue. Given the investment required to maintain computer systems operational and to date, it has become more vital to limit and control the risk of users modifying the configurations of … Continue Reading »

Viruses and Spam

Viruses and Spam In recent years, computer viruses have become increasing security threats and risks of infection are on the rise. Nowadays, computers can be infected simply when browsing the Internet, without even downloading files. Spam— unwanted emails that can infect your communication tools— represent a real threat to the security of your IT infrastructure … Continue Reading »

Network Intrusions

Network Intrusions Our clients often view the Internet as the single potential source of intrusion. Attempts to intrude on your computer facilities can come from the Internet as well as within your own organization. Intrusions can be targeted, like in cases of industrial espionage or information leakage. They can be impersonal and cause serious problems … Continue Reading »


The advent of the Internet meant the beginning a new era in information technology (IT) security. Now more than ever, organizations need to protect their operations from risks of intrusion, the leaking of critical information, transmission of viruses, breakdowns and power overloads likely to result in lost data or damaged facilities. Although IT security includes … Continue Reading »

Cloud computing

Cloud solutions are becoming increasingly popular and widespread. A range of cloud solutions are currently available, but each must be implemented according to clients’ specific needs. Organizations should not necessarily seek cloud solutions to lower their operating costs. Although the concept of cloud colocation— involving the sharing of material, software, Internet and maintenance resources— can … Continue Reading »


In this day and age, most departments within an organization depend more or less on technological tools. At Xelys, we spare no effort to offer solutions that meet our clients’ needs. We strive to provide our clientele with the best advice by taking technologies into account and proposing solutions that help their organizations face major … Continue Reading »

Licence Management

Licence Management Are you having trouble managing multiple software licences? We understand the challenges you have to face; we can provide you with simple solutions to address licence management issues. Organizations now have to purchase an ever-increasing number of software programs to meet rising needs in their different daily operations and the management of access … Continue Reading »