Structured Cabling

A telephone cable and computer network adequately structured within your company is as vital as the spinal cord in a human body. The type of cable used, suitable installation methods, performance tests and efficient identification are all vital elements to ensure an optimal infrastructure. A faulty or under-sized installation will adversely impact the efficiency of … Continue Reading »

SIP Service

SIP Service This IP line service is exclusively offered to our clients owning or purchasing an Avaya IP Office telephone system. Supported through our own infrastructure, it ensures enhanced flexibility and significant savings. Regardless of your organization’s main telephone number or the number of telephone lines you want, this service provides many advantages, including: Simplified … Continue Reading »

Hybrid Telephone System (IP)

Système téléphonique hybride (IP) For businesses looking to make the most of the potential that powerful, new-generation platforms have to offer, a hybrid telephone system is now a must. With regard to conventional telephone services or VoIP, our IP Office solution offers greater system management flexibility, owing to advanced voice messaging, direct access to management … Continue Reading »

Hosted Telephone Service

Hosted Telephone Service With this type of service, there is no need for infrastructure hosting; the only thing that you will need are conventional telephones. Your telephone, voice mailbox and automatic call response systems are hosted on our servers, offering you a stable and safe setting. We ensure the maintenance and updates of these systems … Continue Reading »

Business Phone Services

Xelys offers advanced communication solutions to improve the quality of your customer response and, by the same token, the impact of your corporate image. The introduction of IP technologies in the field of communications brought about the emergence of powerful functionalities and applications that transformed the way organizations communicate with stakeholders. Xelys offers a wide … Continue Reading »